so long.

This tattoo thing is a curse

I have got a friend who was head over heels for a girl. 

He fell for her so much that he devoted tremendous efforts to get her love. 

He even tattooed her initials and birthday across his chest. Unfortunately, that girl did not love him back. 

In fact, she already had a boyfriend without telling him. And she didn't reject his sweet love.

After several months' suffering,he finally decided to leave her behind and moved on.

Yet the tattoo remained.

A year later, he met a new girl and started a new relationship.

This new girl saw the tattoo on his chest and he confessed everything because he is just the kind of person who doesn't want to lie to people he loves.

Yesterday, he went to the tattoo shop and blackened it.

"Shouldn't you tattoo your new girl's initials and birthday next to it?"Before he got it done, I joked.

"No, this tattoo thing is a curse. Peope who do it will never get to be together in the end."He replied. 

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